how it works

Imagine being prepared for your loved one’s mood swings, stress, anxiety, or depression issues with simply BFR from your home. Instead of reaching for pills, you can reach for a bottle or two of BFR (various case studies available) to recover from a stressful day, or perhaps a soothing water in your daily water bottle to calm down in busy, hectic days.

With just a few drops of BFR, you likely can already manage to settle up & down emotions with natural plant & flower essences, and variety benefits just waiting for you! 

Your health starts right in your own home, and it’s easier than you think! This course will walk you through how to transform common up&down emotions to heal. Using BFR can sometimes seem complicated, but this course offers a way to learn how to take, what to take, and when to take, which can be as simple and inexpensive as relaxing in forest or garden!

In this course, I’ll walk you through the difference of each bottles, how to select the best bottle for the greatest emotional benefit. I’ll discuss some of the case studies, and walk you through some of the based-on experiences’ health benefits of each, followed by 5 Asian element personal diagnosis method to help you immediately put your newfound knowledge to use! 

Consider this one small step to an amazing, happiness-filled journey that will result in amazing emotional benefits that can help heal current emotional concerns, and prevent future ones from happening! 

Jump right in to the course to start taking better care of your life today!

  • This course is not intended to replace professional medical care; Serious health issues should be handled by a physician